The IBA IBA - VDE approved fully insulated modern hand tools IBA - indoor and outdoor heating solutions for multiple applications IBA - range of modern finishes for any wiring accessory requirements IBA - efficent low voltage lamps to keep your customers smiling IBA - instant electric showers to enhance any home IBA - circuit protection for domestic and commercial buildings IBA - security products to keep homes and businesses safe The Independent Buyers Association (IBA) established in 1993, is one of the most respected and successful buying groups in the UK combining the purchasing power of more than 80 Electrical Wholesalers to provide cost effective buying with substantial rebates and mutual support

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Company NameKosnic
Main Telephone0845 838 6851
Contact NameYing Hu
About SupplierLow Energy Lamps including Compact Fluorescents - 2part and Extra mini; Shine energy saving GU10 reflectors; Décor compact fluorescents & candles; Exon DD/SP/D/T/L compact fluorescents & T5 fluorescents; LED reflectors & golf; Halogen reflectors & capsules, Halogen energy savers, Dimmable CFL's and LED Fittings.

Addresses for this company

AddressUnit D2 Kennetside
Bone Lane
PostcodeRG14 5PX
Telephone0845 838 6851

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